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Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company Conductor Trainee -Willmar, MN in Willmar, Minnesota

Apply early as this job may be filled at any time. Job Location:Willmar Other Potential Locations:Willmar, MN Anticipated Start Date:02/28/2022 Number of Positions:10 Salary Range:Entry rate is approx. $194.11/day, with an average annual salary of $65,000 - $80,000. All communication with applicants will be done via email. Please check your email on a daily basis. Who we are and what we do Do you want to be a part of something that really matters? Team BNSF includes professionals focused on safety, service, and who take pride in delivering the nation's freight. Together, we help move goods and materials that sustain life and support local, national and global economies. The BNSF rail network is one of the largest freight railroads, spanning 28 western states and serving three Canadian provinces. What we believe At BNSF, our Vision and Values drive who we are, not only in our words, but also our actions. BNSF is committed to our foundational values of equality and inclusion.As members of the BNSF community, our employees are entitled to: be treated with dignity and respect. have equal access to tools, resources, training and development opportunities. have equal opportunity to achieve their full potential. We model the way through our leadership, our BNSF Diversity Councils, our diverse Business Resource Groups, our deep involvement and investment in the communities we serve, and through diversity and inclusion training programs. It's through our actions that we create an inclusive, open and collaborative workplace that truly encourages diverse perspectives in all interactions. SAFETY: At BNSF, Safety is a core value of how we do business.Each and everyday, our employees are committed to approach one another about safety, which is key in realizing our vision. Employees are also expected to comply with company and federal safety & health regulations, safety rules & policies, as well as procedures that guide work practices to reduce risk to exposure. Such work practices include but are not limited to wearing required safety equipment, responding to safety concerns, and taking appropriate actions in the event of an emergency. DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES This position is responsible for safely switchingrailcars and safe train movement.Additional responsibilities include the following: COMMUNICATION Obtain and receive information and act on oral or written instructions byvarious communication devices Monitor and report daily work TRAIN OPERATION Climb on/off equipment, set/release hand brakes, couple/uncouple air hoses, remove/replace brokenrailcarknuckle, ride moving cars byholdingontograb irons or ladders Observe, interpret and relay hand, lantern, and other signals for train movement Judge and control speed and clearance distance of cars SWITCHING FUNCTIONS Operate track switches and derails to change train routing within yards or on road Check switch points for proper alignment TRAIN AND EQUIPMENT INSPECTIONS Switch, spot cars and determine train make-up Observe and monitor track conditions (e.g. broken rails, defective switches, weather-related problems) Inspect cars per federal regulations Observe and report on passing train conditions The duties and responsibilities in this posting are representative categories to be used in deciding whether to apply for this position. This is not an exhaustive list of the position's duties. WORKING CONDITIONS Extreme all-weather conditions Walk and perform work onuneven surfaces Safety sensitive work environment Loud noise and fumes Work on and aroundheavy and moving machinery SHIFTS/HOURS Full-time (40hrs/wk) Subject to on-call (24/7), nights, weekends, and holidays Work in geographic area as posted and report to assigned work locationwhen notified TRAVEL Frequent Travel to and remain on designated seniority region for days at a time BASIC QUALIFICATIONS At least 18 years of age, or will be by the start date listed above Ability to report for duty