UW - WHITEWATER Techonology Training Specialist in WHITEWATER, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: UW JOB ID 14914 Techonology Training Specialist JOB DETAILS: This entry level position's primary responsibility is to create documentation of software and provide introductory technology training workshops to staff members. The position will assist in the creation and delivery of training workshops. More specifically, this position will develop documentation on new technology products and new features of existing products, and provide 1-1 consultations, small group sessions, and large group workshops for campus-supported technologies. To do this effectively, this position will collaborate with other positions inside and outside of the Division of Instructional, Communication, and Information Technology (ICIT) to understand audience needs and translate technology uses to these audiences. RESPONSIBILITIES: A. 25% Technology Training 1. Work with members of ICIT to learn about and understand both new and supported campus technology tools and their new features. 2. Design and develop training strategies utilizing documentation, consultations, workshops, and online training materials in both text and video to support tool use. 3. Provide 1-1 consultations related to supported technologies and best practices to campus staff. B.40% Technology Documentation 1. Create documentation for new technology tools adopted by the campus, working with positions inside and outside of ICIT to understand audience needs. 2. Update existing documentation for adopted campus technologies as updates and new features become available from the vendor. C. 20% Technology Support 1. Assist ICIT staff in troubleshooting supported communication, collaboration, and work productivity tool issues that arise for campus employees. D. 5% Professional Development 1. Maintain expert knowledge and awareness of trends, methods, and technological advances in technology training. 2. Attend meetings, conferences, and events (both in person and virtual) relevant to the position. E. 10% Other Duties as Assigned 1. Willingness and ability to be an active participant in following applicable safety rules and regulations including necessary training and drills. 2. Ability to interact respectfully with people from diverse socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. TO APPLY: Only complete application packages will be considered. A complete application includes online submission of the following documents: Letter of interest addressing specific experience related to the position's description and qualifications Resume Documentation Sample (note: if the candidate does not have a documentation sample from a previous position, they can create an example of how they would document a use of a common technology. For example, how to create a table in Microsoft Word or how to start a video conference in Webex.) Names and full contact information for three professional references (can be college instructor) For additional details and to apply, visit the following website and search for Job ID 14914 https://www.careers.wisconsin.edu/psc/careers/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL.HRS_CG_SEARCH_FL.GBL?FOCUS=Applicant& ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor's Degree Familiarity and experience with Google Drive. Familiarity and experience with Microsoft Office. Familiarity with video conferencing platforms (such as Skype and Webex Meetings) Desired Qualifications: Familiarity with technology used in higher education Degree, certification, or coursework in Technical Writing Experience creating and updating documentation, such as how-to guides, to assist users in leveraging technology for various uses. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: https://www.careers.wisconsin.edu/psc/careers/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL.HRS_CG_SEARCH_FL.GBL?FOCUS=Applicant&