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Fiserv Quality Assurance in Brazil

  • Understand the purpose of API, the input/output, the workflow of the application, the features and functions.

  • Ability to understand business logic of service and locate real users scenarios. Should be able to resolve by API from existing documentation and talk with developers.

  • Understand the basic knowledge about API, ex: the method, request, response

  • Aware of API testing techniques and usage of API tools Postman, SoapUI and Katalon Studio)

  • Able to create test plan, test scenario, test cases and do test execution. Ability to design tests that are relevant for API

  • Automation skill - ability to coding to perform automation API testing

  • Exposure to Postman, SoapUI or similar. know and understand basic rules of creating good API, how http works, how to create JSON/XML file.

  • ability to analyze results of tests and how to update existing test suits after API changes.

  • Documentation skills – able to provide a good documentation of the API

  • Team work and good communication

  • Independent Working