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Carrier Strategic Marketing Manager in Shanghai, China

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LOC3460: 6-15/F,Building A,New Bund World Trade Center(1), No.4,Lane 255 Dong Yu Rd,Pu Dong District,Shanghai, China



  1. 市场战略规划:深入了解市场的特点、竞争、需求和发展方向,以满足市场需求及公司战略为出发点,从政策,战略定位、公司产品和服务、竞争策略、销售渠道、价格、宣传、组织架构、售后、资源准备等方面针对潜在市场制定营销策略方案,并主导推动战略方案在销售和相应团队的落实以及总结改进。

  2. 区域市场规划:深入了解区域市场的特点、需求和发展方向,对公司业务过程全要素进行分析提案并推动提案在销售和相应团队落实,促进区域销售实现目标。

  3. 根据市场/销售需求以及公司战略,前瞻性的汇总产品开发需求,协同产品市场人员/研发完成产品路线图。

  4. 产品及解决方案的上市策划及销售组合策略制定和执行,销售工具的策划和制作、培训,协同提高销售团队及渠道的商业能力。

  5. 推动最佳实践和经验在各区域的推广。

  6. 参与市场战略项目管理和销售预算制定。

  7. 支持重点项目。

  8. 及时收集汇总市场信息并提供行动建议。


工科本科及以上,暖通, 动力、机械、能源等专业更佳。






Job description:

  1. Marketing on target markets: deep dive in target market for the features, needs and development. Targeting to meet the market needs, make proposal including strategy, positioning, product solution and service, competition, sales channel, pricing and promotion, after service, resource readiness, etc. Drive to implement proposal with sales and related teams.

  2. Marketing on regional market: deep dive in regional market for features, needs and development. Make proposal base on analysis to full business process and factors. Drive to implement proposal with sales and related teams for reaching sales perspective.

  3. Proactively consolidate product needs base on market needs and company strategy, co-working with product marketing for product road map.

  4. Planning/ driving implementation for launching of product & solution. Responsible for selling tools planning/ implementation/ training for sales team/channel capability enhancement.

  5. Drive promotions across regions for best practice and actions.

  6. Support in market strategy and sales budget setting

  7. Support to key projects.

  8. Collect market data after market survey to sales channel, customers & design institutes and consolidate for proposals timely.


Bachelor and above. Major in energy, power, engineering, HVAC or refrigeration is preferred.

Be familiar with Air to water heat pump system and applications. Understand VRF applications.

6+ years’ experience related with Sales or marketing. Be familiar with sales channel model.

Capability of logical analysis, communication, negotiation and team collaboration.

Proactively & aggressive

Carrier is An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status, age or any other federally protected class.

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