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Procter & Gamble 24h Challenge Bocconi in Rome, Italy

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From Student to Manager in 24 hours! Are you ready for the challenge?

Attain this unique opportunity for a fast-tracking selection process to become one of the next P&G managers!The functions you can choose are:

  • Brand Management, where you will develop the brands that consumers love;

  • Sales, where you will interface with costumers and develop strategic selling concepts.

Our Managers will be in Bocconi to interview the qualified candidates in one day!

Job Qualifications

  • Being a Master Degree student in Bocconi

  • Have strong academic results

  • Early MS Graduates or Graduation in 2023/2024.

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Must be able to join the internship program for at least 4 months.

  • Proven strong leadership ability through previous experiences, preferably abroad.

  • Excellent project management skills, able to see planned ideas through to implementation stage

  • Local mother-tongue level needed.

  • Good level of English

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Full time

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