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Operation Better Block Patient Care Tech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

andmiddot; Monitor vital signs and conditions of patients to ensure they are healthy. andmiddot; Assist patients with bathing, eating, changing, and going to the restroom. andmiddot; Complete documentation about patient condition, including their vital signs, mood, appetite, and any pain they are experiencing. andmiddot; Assist with management of existing health conditions to ensure the patient stays healthy. andmiddot; Change patient bandages and clean affected areas. andmiddot; Collect bodily fluid samples for analysis, such as blood and urine. andmiddot; Keep patient rooms up to hospital or care facility standards, which may include changing bedding and re-stocking depleted supplies. andmiddot; Consult with nurses and doctors about patient care to ensure the patient stays healthy. Patient Care Technician Job Essential Skills Personal Skills. Patient care technicians interact with patients and their families daily. Having good listening skills, patience, and a positive attitude is necessary during these interactions. Time Management Skills. Patient care technicians may have to care for and monitor the health of several patients at once. Understanding how to prioritize your tasks and complete them all within a set time frame is vital to being successful in this field. Organizational Skills. The technicians must keep accurate records and update patient charts regularly to ensure the doctors and nursing staff have updated information and can provide quality care. Physical Skills. As a patient care technician, you may have to help patients with standing, sitting, and moving around, so physical strength is a definite advantage.