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Niagara Rehabilitation & Nursing Center Registered Nurse Supervisor 7am-7pm every other weekend in Niagara Falls, New York

POSITION SUMMARY: The Associate Director of Nursing assists the Director of Nursing with the management and training of the nursing services staff and the overall management or resident care.


A. Job Knowledge and Role Responsibilities:

  1. Demonstrates knowledge of age specific developmental factors specific to adult and geriatric residents (i.e. physical, cognitive, and socialization factors) in planning delivery of care.

  2. Demonstrates knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to care for residents with the following needs: therapeutic, neuro & dementia, dialysis, IV therapy, infectious disease and wound care, if applicable.

  3. Attends all mandatory inservices by employee’s anniversary date.

  4. Acts appropriately under the direction of the Director of Nursing and acts as an active member of the interdisciplinary team.

  5. Demonstrates ability to adjust to changes in unit/shift assignments to meet resident and facility needs.

  6. Successfully completes facility-conducted orientation of specialized dementia unit, as appropriate.

  7. Communicates and observes the Corporate Compliance Program effectively and complies with Code of Conduct when performing work functions.

B. Administrative Responsibilities:

  1. Ensures that a sufficient number of qualified supervisory and supportive nursing personnel are assigned for each unit/shift to meet the residents needs. Assesses ability of facility to meet residents’ needs.

  2. Participates in coordination of resident services through departmental and appropriate staff committee meetings (i.e. Quarterly Quality Assurance and Assessment, Pharmacy Services, Therapy Services, Infection Control and Resident Care policy and procedure meeting).

  3. Conducts periodic review to ensure all documentation is informative and descriptive of nursing care and of the resident’s response to that care.

  4. Participates in planning and budgeting for nursing services.

  5. Conducts periodic reviews to ensure that the nursing requirements of each resident admitted to the facility are reviewed and that the physician is consulted in planning resident care.

  6. Maintains professional competence through continuing education.

  7. Conducts periodic review of appropriate staff to ensure nursing personnel have valid and current licenses.

  8. Demonstrates knowledge of current State Department of Health and Department of Public Aid directives and ensures that directives are implemented by staff.

  9. Conducts periodic review of the nursing department and nursing personnel to ensure they are in compliance with State Code Requirements.

  10. Demonstrates availability to be on-call 24 hours a day for nursing emergencies.

  11. Makes rounds upon entering the building each day. Checks each nursing unit for staffing, census, unstable residents, accidents and incidents, etc. Ensures grooming is 100% each day and implements plans to correct grooming concerns, if necessary.

  12. Reviews all Accidents and Incidents (A/I) daily and develops an appropriate plan to prevent future accidents and incidents, if necessary. Conducts periodic reviews of documentation for inconsistencies of A/I’s on each unit.

  13. Audits specific resident care issues on a daily basis, such as skin, ambulation, etc. Devises a Monthly Planning Calendar as a minimum guideline for auditing care issues, including day, weekend and night-shift audits.

  14. Makes focused rounds at least one time per week with supervisors and charge nurses to review resident care issues, as appropriate.

  15. Approves the staffing schedule according to budgeted levels, and checks daily for the number of staff available for the week (especially weekends). Documents approved vacation/time off for nursing department.

  16. Observes all pressure sores on a weekly basis, evaluating documentation and treatments (i.e. physician orders, initial assessment, nursing care plan, etc.).

  17. Introduces self to new admissions within 48 hours. Checks for documentation initiation (i.e. physician orders, initial assessments, nursing care plan, etc.).

  18. Is responsible for ensuring that Nursing staff are aware of their job duties and the facility’s expectations for resident care.

  19. Meets with Nursing Assistants on a formal basis once each month; Charge Nurses every other week; and all licensed staff monthly to review nursing and facility issues. Ensures plans are in place to correct employee concerns.

C. Role Responsibilities-Nursing Systems:

  1. Ensures that systems are established and consistent throughout the facility. These include but are not limited to (as per standardized procedure):

a) Develops unit management system for group assignments and Nursing Assistant responsibilities.

b) Achieves goal of reducing restraints to a minimum and ensures restraints are released at least every 2 hours according to established Care Plan. All restraint releases are to occur on the unit at the same time or per Care Plan, and be observed by a licensed staff member.

c) Conducts periodic review to ensure that all residents are out of bed by noon, or per Care Plan, unless a specific physician order indicates bed rest.

d) Ensures turning and positioning schedules are followed every two hours (or per Care Plan). Ensures turning and positioning system can be easily monitored (i.e. all face the door at the same time).

e) Ensures that resident ambulation occurs as an observed system (i.e. before the meal period in the dining room).

f) Oversees scheduling of nurses for employee meals or breaks, ensuring that breaks are not taken while residents are dining.

g) Conducts periodic reviews to ensure supplements are passed according to developed schedule.

h) Conducts periodic review to ensure that environment is clean, orderly, and organized. Ensures that cleaning schedules are in writing and audited daily. Reviews and implements infection control and exposure control plans according to Resident Care Policies and Procedures.

i) Completes Change of Condition/24-Hour Report daily and only the Director of Nursing or designee may delete a resident from the report.

j) Demonstrates ability to perform all physical and mental job functions of a Certified Nursing Assistant, Licensed Practical Nurse, and Registered Nurse.

D. Role Responsibilities-Nursing Documentation

  1. Ensures that nursing documentation meets the following standards:

a) Care Plans match monthly summaries, Nursing Assistant Care Sheets, Nursing Assistant worksheets, treatment sheets and physician orders.

b) Maintains and evaluates statistics for; pressure sores, resident Accidents and Incidents, number N/G or G tubes, number of justified foley catheters, resident census, resident and employee infections.

c) Reviews all closed charts of expired residents and ensures appropriate documentation by nursing during the last 48 hours and discharge orders by physicians are enclosed (to contain how and where discharge, i.e. to funeral home via stretcher). Reviews discharge summaries of all residents.

d) Conducts periodic reviews of Care Plans to ensure they are interdisciplinary and updated by the Charge Nurse daily as changes occur.

e) Ensures all communication to nursing by other disciplines are flagged and the Charge Nurse is responsible for implementing the changes on all forms.

E. Role Responsibilities-Interpersonal Skills:

  1. Is aware of, and adheres to, Resident=s Bill of Rights and Confidentiality of Resident Information.

  2. Interacts with residents and family members, co-workers, clinical and ancillary staff in non-judgmental, supportive and calm manner.

  3. Addresses family satisfaction issues immediately and assists in resolving the matter in a professional manner.

  4. Is aware of Resident Abuse Reporting Law.

  5. Participates as assigned in the orientation of new staff and demonstrates a positive, helpful and enthusiastic attitude.

F. Role Responsibilities-Safety:

  1. Demonstrates ability to locate emergency equipment (i.e. emergency oxygen tank).

  2. Understands and demonstrates knowledge of role in Fire and Disaster drills.

  3. Demonstrates ability to identify and respond appropriately to potential behavioral outbursts.

  4. Uses facility equipment safely.

  5. Recognizes, removes, and/or reports potential hazards.

G. Resident Care Responsibilities-Resident Dignity:

  1. Addresses residents in a respectful manner.

  2. Discusses confidential resident information in appropriate areas only.

  3. Knocks on door prior to entering resident rooms, and maintains resident privacy and dignity when providing treatments or other resident care.

H. Other duties as assigned by the Director of Nursing or Administrator.