AHRC New York City Child Development Associate in New York, New York

AHRC New York City is committed to finding ways for people with intellectual & other developmental disabilities to build full lives.

Child Development Associate

Work with the Special Ed. Teacher to provide a developmentally appropriate early childhood program, which facilitates the intellectual, sensorimotor, social & affective development of all children in the class & ensures Head Start Education Performance Standards & NYS Prekindergarten Foundations for the Common Core are followed.

With Special Ed. Teacher:
- Implement weekly lesson plans for class using activity-based, individualized, thematic approach; prepare daily schedule for class, taking into account individuality of all children & particular needs of each preschool student with a disability; & assess the students' needs & capabilities & develop activities based on findings
- Keep anecdotal records & portfolio of work for each child & plan individualized curriculum based on child's learning style, interests, needs & skill levels.
- For children w/disabilities, be aware of impact of child's disability on his/her functioning & performance
- Participate in review & update IEP as needed
- Assist Special Ed. Teacher in ensuring IEP goals are integrated into daily activities of each preschool student with a disability
- Schedule trips which provide children with opportunities to learn about larger community & provide preschool students w/disability opportunities to generalize knowledge & skills learned in classroom.
- Know physical & behavioral signs of abuse & report any suspicions or observed incidents of abuse immediately
- Maintain ongoing behavioral/incident records on children
- Maintain communication with parents, including home visits & conferences as needed.
- Conduct monthly parent Class Committee meetings for purpose of giving parents a voice in classroom planning
- Provide direct care services (incl. toileting & diapering) as needed, in instructional manner
- Provide early childhood ed. perspective in all team discussions. Be aware of & incorp. current theory, research findings & best practice into classroom activities & individualized children's program
- Participate in staff meetings, program planning meetings, in-service trainings & supervisor conference
- Ensure classroom is free of safety hazards, including toxic materials & dangerous equipment.
- Order, store & maintain materials & equipment approp'ly
- Ensure accuracy of all postings, lists, records & rosters, attendance records, bus lists & emergency info

- NY Child Development Assoc. credential or Assoc.'s degree in child development or related field req'ed
- Knowldge of signs of abuse & mandated reporting requirements
- Must have orga'nal & multi-tasking skills & proven ability to make independent decisions & handle time-sensitive or stressful situations
- Eval. & make approp. recommendations regarding educ'al placement
- Work collaboratively w/special ed. prof'als & paraprof'als
- Knowldge of normal child developmnt, developmental disabilities. Knowldge of methods, principles & techniques of teaching children w/disabilities
- Willing to travel to school sites regularly