Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Receiving Clerk in Napa, California

Join the Silverado Family!

Silverado Resort and Spa is seeking qualified and motivated candidates for the position of Receiving Clerk. Imagine belonging to a team that delivers the gold standard of a luxurious and relaxing stay in the Napa Valley. Join a passionate group of people whose job is to deliver extraordinary customer service at one of the most beautiful resorts in Northern California.

The Receiving Clerk is responsible for:

  • Receives all deliveries and report to purchaser to maintain receiving logs

  • Counts and weighs each item received

  • Tests goods received to assure that the contents are of the specified quality

  • Compares items received to requisition; Refuses over shipments

  • Assists purchaser in maintaining par levels

  • Check in-stock product daily and report short dates/quality issues to purchaser.

  • Date label and store all items promptly upon receipt and verification, using the first in first out process

  • Informs storeroom supervisor of consistently late shipments and unexpected shortages or overages; Keeps supervisor abreast of any changes in delivery schedules or delayed deliveries

  • Issues and delivers supplies to various departments with signed requisition only. Issues and stores all other requisitioned items on a first in first out basis

  • Takes daily inventories of meat, fish, and produce; Takes weekly inventory of storeroom and office supplies

As part of the Operations team, you will join other associates that value hard work and pride themselves in making every single event an unforgettable one for our guests and their loved ones.

Our team is:

• Dedicated to exceeding service standards and providing services of the highest caliber.

• Able to work/collaborate together and communicate effectively with guests and associates at all levels of the organization.

OUR MISSION: Only at Silverado Resort and Spa will you find a captivating place that must be experienced, where tradition and history are honored and modern day luxury is delivered. We create unforgettable moments for every single member, every single guest, one story at a time.

Silverado Resort and Spa offers a competitive salary and benefits package.

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  • Requires ability to interpret / extract information and / or perform arithmetic functions. May require typing, CRT, record keeping, or word processing. May have need for good communication skills.

  • This position requires a minimum formal education of a high school diploma and a minimum of six months job-related experience.

  • This job is part of a formal work team within the department.

  • The workload required to perform this job requires ability to adapt to change.

  • Some portions (10 – 50%) of daily assignments involve application of manual skills requiring motor coordination in combination with finger dexterity, e.g., typing, handwriting, or machine operations.

  • Significant portions (more than 50%) of daily assignments involve prolonged standing, transporting material or equipment, or lifting, moving, or carrying heavy (over 30 pounds) materials for intermittent periods throughout the day.

  • Some portions (less than 50%) of daily assignments involve exposure to dirt, odors, noise, or temperature / weather extremes. Working surfaces may be unlevel, slippery, or unstable.

  • Work is performed during regular business hours. Schedule varies according to business demands and needs.

  • Significant portions (more than 50%) of daily assignments involve occupational risk, such as cuts, burns, exposure to toxic chemicals, injuries from falls, or back injury sustained with assisting in moving, lifting, or positioning equipment or materials.

  • Significant portions (more than 50%) of daily assignments involve ergonomic risk, such regular repetitive tasks, forceful or prolonged exertions of the hands, vibration, cold temperatures, heavy lifting, pulling, pushing, or carrying of heavy objects, poor body mechanics, restrictive workstations, or awkward postures.

  • Responsible for adhering to all safety policies and procedures.