NJ Employer Human Services Assistant TES in Morris Plains, New Jersey

May assist residents throughout admission, treatment, discharge, and community adjustment. May assist in providing and maintaining a therapeutic environment for residents either in a ward or in a cottage. Helps residents establish goals for social activities, family interventions, and peer relationships. May assist residents in writing letters, planning telephone calls, or with other personal matters in accord with established policy. Participates in continuous resident education programs with particular emphasis on self-help and whenever possible social development within the resident's treatment plan. Helps residents plan activities and appointments (doctor, dentist, clinics, and so forth). May be required to transport and/or escort residents to locations within or outside the facility as assigned and remains with residents when indicated. May assist residents to become familiar with community services and resources (transportation, library, adult school, and so forth). May assist with formal groups in reality orientation, remotivation, and behavior modification. Participates in individual and/or group activities with residents and encourages communication during this activity. May assist residents with and teaches them activities of daily living, and performs components of these activities when the resident is unable to do so. Bathes and/or assists residents with bathing and recognizes and reports any unusual conditions observed while assisting with or bathing resident. May assist residents with dressing and grooming. May assist residents with meals in dining area or in unit and assists them in eating when required. Encourages socialization at mealtime and intervenes when behavior becomes inappropriate. Participates in household activities in cottage/ward such as cooking, cleaning, and shopping. Teaches housekeeping skills to residents and performs basic housekeeping duties to ensure cleanliness of the residents' living quarters. Collects and bags soiled linen and stores clean linen. May assist with and provide recreational activities designed to meet the needs of the individual resident. Attends inservice education sessions to become more proficient in on-the-job skills. Communicates using interpersonal skills necessary in assisting residents and all other members of the treatment team to perform in a harmonious manner. Greets and assists visitors with inquiries which do not require professional judgment and/or evaluation and refers all other inquiries to the appropriate treatment team member. Practices the principles of fire safety, participates in fire and disaster drills, and properly transmits a fire alarm when required. Makes regular tours of the unit to check fire equipment and other safety factors, recognizes actual and potential safety hazards, and takes corrective action and/or reports condition to the designated person in charge. Renders basic first aid and emergency care to residents when necessary using principles taught in the program. Lifts and/or moves residents as required. Provides medical supplies and equipment for assigned wards, rooms, and buildings. May assist with search for missing residents. Submits written reports whenever accidents or incidents occur, and prepares and submits other required reports and records. Organizes assigned work and develops effective work methods. Performs related direct care work as assigned. Will be required to learn to utilize various types of electronic and/or manual recording and information systems used by the agency, office, or related units. REQUIREMENTS LICENSE Appointees will be required to possess a driver's license valid in New Jersey only if the operation of a vehicle, rather than employee mobility, is necessary to perform essential duties of the position. In the Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs, appointees may be requ