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AVISTA PHARMA SOLUTIONS INC Dba CAMBREX Sr. Scientist I - Principal Scientist 1 (PRD) in Longmont, Colorado

CambrexLocations: Longmont, ColoradoCategories: Process ChemistryReq ID: 2654OverviewCambrex is seeking a highly motivated Scientist (Sr. Scientist I, Sr.Scientist II, or Principal Scientist I) for the Process Chemistrydepartment. This position performs routine and complex organic synthesis,purification, and analytical evaluation of materials as part of a processchemistry research and development team. The chemist will optimize syntheticroutes to active pharmaceutical ingredients for purity, reproducibility,scalability, and yield. Experience in process chemistry research anddevelopment is desirable. Designs and proposes new synthetic routes to drugsubstances. May be asked to lead process chemistry portion of customerprojects and potentially a group of process chemists. Presents work internallyand externally to clients or regulatory agencies.Responsibilities- Carry out multistep organic syntheses, isolation, and purification oftargeted products independently. Contribute to the strategic approach used tooptimize reactions, isolations, and purifications.- Proficiently conductanalysis of starting materials, reaction mixtures, intermediates andproducts using appropriate instrumentation.- Work closely with other chemistryand analytical laboratory staff to coordinate project activities and resourceusage.- Routinely generate summaries and reports on completed experimentalwork for internal and external use. Routine presentation of experimental workfor internal meetings and teleconferences with customers.- Work to ensure thatteamwork and cooperation exists within the group at all times.- Conductlaboratory operations in a safe manner. Maintain familiarity with thecompany's chemical hygiene plan. Exhibit safety awareness and safe workpractices.- Follow responsible actions regarding chemical disposal. Maintaincompliance with all regulations at the federal, state, and local levels.-Address routine administrative requirements in a timely fashion.- Demonstrateeffective communication skills (both written and oral). Participate inproject team meetings with customers.- Work closely with manufacturing and GMPoperations to coordinate project-related equipment and activities. Assist inthe transfer of processes to the manufacturing team.- Independently designsand proposes new synthetic processes to produce the drug substance.- May actas process chemistry lead for customer projects. Identify critical questionsto be answered and set priorities for the process chemistry team. - Maintainfamiliarity with applicable literature including organic chemistry andtechniques. - Participate in setting strategy and timing needed for customerproposal requests.- Work closely with other chemistry and analyticallaboratory staff to coordinate project activities and resource usage.-Routinely generate summaries and reports on completed experimental work forinternal and external use. Oral and written presentation of experimental workfor internal meetings and teleconferences with customers.- Performs otherrelated duties as assigned.QualificationsSr. Scientist I - B.S./B.A. Chemistry with 9 - 11+ years of experience inrelated industry. Or MS in Organic Chemistry with 3 - 5+ years relatedexperience.Sr. Scientist II - B.S./B.A. in Chemistry with 12 - 15+ yearsof experience in related industry. Or MS in Organic Chemistry with 6 - 8+years related experience. Or Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry with 0 - 3+ yearsrelated experience.Principal Scientist I - B.S./B.A. preferably in Chemistrywith 15 - 18+ years of experience in related industry. Or MS in OrganicChemistry with 9 -12+ years related experience. Or Ph.D. in OrganicChemistry with 3 - 6+ years related experience. - Advanced to expertunderstanding of general chemistry and organic chemistry.- Understanding ofmodern organic synthesis reactions, isolations, and purificationprocedures.- Full understanding of common synthetic organic reactionmechanisms.- Understanding and proficient use of all relevant analyticaltechniques and ins