NY Employer Press Operator 1 in Lancaster, New York

Buffalo. Press Operator 1. Will use any one of the following automated presses: Schon, Clicker, Book, Traveling head or Ttarp in accordance with Sealing Device's work instructions for die cutting operation in producing a die cut product to customer specifications.

Job description:
Review the router for correct material, tooling, press selection and delivery date.
Set up press with the proper tooling and depth of cut.
Perform first piece cut and check for proper depth.
Perform first piece and in-process inspection when required.
If math qualified, send to Quality control for inspection.
Run the job to produce the correct quantity of product.
Spot check die cuts direct by router or supervisor.
Responsible to follow departmental procedures and work instructions as written and recommend improvements as necessary

The candidate will need to lift/carry 21lbs-50lbs and push/pull 26lbs to 40lbs. Must be able to pass drug screen.
Must have at least 6 months experience as a Machine Operator
To apply:
send resume to Michael.Nassoiy@labor.ny.gov