Riverside HealthCare Certified Nursing Assistant Senior Living Communities in Kankakee, Illinois


The CNA provides direct, quality care to Assisted Living residents in a timely, accurate, and consistent manner. The CNA assists the resident in achieving maximum independence, social interaction, sense of identity and choice. Provides Quality Service in accordance with policies and procedures with dignity, respect and privacy. Maintains public relations through professional and positive behavior and attitudes. Actively participates on committees and quality initiatives throughout the year.


PART III: POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES (ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS)Actively participates in nursing department meetings, town meetings, employee opinion survey, provide communication and feedback with development, implementation and evaluation of delivery of care for senior life communities.Actively participates in self development by attending educational programs and has completed annual hours of continuing education as required for assisted living regulations.Actively participates in the performance evaluation system. Serves as mentor to newly hired staff completing evaluations, attending meetings, and demonstrating care.Communicates creative ideas and methods to other team members for continuity. Serves as clinical partner ot the nurse giving input into challenging care issues.Demonstrates a positive caring attitude as evidenced by relaxed, pleasant facial expression and gentleness during care of resident. Spend free time with residents providing conversation and companionship.Maintains a clean and safe work environment for residents and staff. Responsible for equipment assigned for resident care is clean. Reports and removes any equipment that is not functioning properly. Acts to prevent accidents and incidents.Promptly answers pull cords in a timely manner. Anticipates resident needs, checks on resident regularly and demonstrates cooperative caring attitude when assisting residents.Provides orientation/reordination of residents to their environment and provides redirection as appropriate for residents level of understanding.Provides resident privacy by knocking on doors and greeting residents prior to entering room. Discuss personal issues with resident, family, co-workers in a private space/area in a professional manner.Reports all unusual conditions, occurrences, complaints or reactions to the nurse who has responsibility for that resident in a timely manner. Reports and/or documents any changes observed in condition or behavior of resident throughout shift.Serves as clinical partner to the nurse giving input into challenging care issues. Communicates creative ideas and methods to other team members for continuity.Speaks to residents in a pleasant helpful (resident center) manner, avoiding talking in halls or common areas with other staff related to resident care needs or other issues such as staffing, assignments or concerns. Models professionalism in communication using sensitivity, active listening techniques, and diplomacy with all customers.Understands and implements the principals of infection control, consistently using standard precautions and washes hands after each resident contact. Removes and disposes of gloves after each resident contact.


Experience/Education Requirements:3 years CNA experience in a Senior Living area

  • High school diploma or equivalent required

License or Certification Requirements:

  • Nursing assistant certification

  • Present on HCW registry

  • CPR certification required


Job ID2018-16734

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CategoryC.N.A./Other Clinical Tech

TypeRegular Part-Time