Innovative Staff Solutions Production Positions in Gibson City, Illinois

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Requirements: Additional Details: Overall focus of this position is to ensure that Hearthside Foods meets and exceeds quality, efficiency, cleanliness and safety goals by working cooperatively with and assisting other members of the production team. Perform repetitive duties while standingPack filled, sealed primary packages into secondary packaging per the packaging instructions providedStack filled cases for shipment per the instructions providedRemove any defective primary or secondary packages and rework themApply pallet tags or placards per specification in the Bluebook or as instructed by the Machine OperatorStage product using the hand jack and inform Forklift Operator when pallets are complete.Keep pace with the production rate of the line.Communicate with Machine Operator on any off quality or questionable package.Report any issue to Machine Operator or Production SupervisorSafeguard the confidentiality of customer, company, vendor, and employee information.Maintain a well-groomed, professional appearance appropriate for the position and the situation.Maintain a clean and organized work area. Visually inspect product and remove defective, damaged, or off quality materials from production line.Pack product per specifications and place in finished cartons for sealing or other handling.Stack product per specificationsConstruct, mark, stage and deliver boxes or other secondary packaging for use on the line.Stack materials on skids and slip sheets according to the BluebookPerform ongoing, in-process visual quality check of packaged product and containers to ensure that they are not damaged or defective.Insure that product is properly marked and otherwise meets specifications laid out in the Bluebook.Remove product and containers failing to meet specifications laid out in the Bluebook.Perform all other duties deemed necessary, or required by the Production Coordinator, Production Supervisor and Plant Operations Manager.Ability to maintain a positive and productive relationship with co-workers and others with whom the position may have contact.Willingness to work as a team member and help out where needed to ensure maximum process efficiency.Willingness to work overtime when asked.Keep, all information pertaining to our operations (products, customers, production details, etc.) confidential.If assigned as a dumper in D building or a stacker on line A2 line workers are responsible for proper use of SAP functions for issuing bulk and making finished tags.