Chugach Management Services, Inc Property Supervisor in FORT MEADE, Maryland

Summary/General Description of Job:*

Under the direction of the Property Manager, the Property Supervisor will supervise all personnel, labor and training necessary to perform property activities. In addition, the Property Supervisor is responsible for all related Property Inventories, Warehousing, Shipping/Receiving activities and other functions related to the continuity of operations. The Supervisor will assist with the development, implementation and document thereafter any required processes or procedures to ensure compliance with all applicable Corporate, Contract, Federal, State and Local regulations.

Essential Duties & Job Functions: * Supervise and manage work schedules for assigned personnel * Delegates work to union and non-union direct reports * Develop and maintain inventory reports in accordance with Government guidelines * Maintain the Asset Management (AM) System by providing reports; oversee the performance of data entry for incoming property (Line Item Receiving Report), transferred property and excessed property. * Must be flexible and responds in a timely fashion to changing requirements, strategic plans for tasks and short deadlines. * Coordinate all property accountability functions and property management functions in accordance with government guidance and industry best practices. * Lead the maintenance of Asset Management (AM) System for incoming property (Line Item Receiving Report transferred property and excessed property. * Lead the development of the material handling process for shipping, receiving, storage and disposition of property. * Examine and diagnose setbacks to determine corrective actions/process improvements * Advise Property Manager of major problems and recommended corrective action * Ensure procedures are being followed to the highest level of quality standards * Interpret, apply, and educate daily work, regulations, and procedures * Manage and deliver staff’s performance evaluations/appraisals, as well as, performance deficiencies * Identify and evaluate staffing needs in support of existing, projected, and targeted business opportunities * Consult and advise management personnel of property projects and priorities * Identifies innovative methods to enhance the quality and accuracy of the property operations database. * Adhere to the established WCFS safety and personnel policies and standard operating procedures * Resolves customer complaints and inquires in accordance with established procedures and guidelines; for those issues that cannot be resolved, direct customer to appropriate personnel. * Facilitate the collection and dissemination of employee leave requests, sign in/out sheets, timesheets and other administrative functions. * Provides data for key performance indicators (KPI) with metrics to monitor and improve departmental performance.
* Coordinate all efforts in conjunction with the Property Manager and Secretary. * Plans, schedules and implements all property audits and activities including but not limited to: scheduling of daily routines and or customer property requirements or requests. * Attend weekly departmental meetings. * Provides training for all departmental staff members ensuring compliance with regulations; including improper business practices, personal conflicts of interest, etc. * Promotes the use of new technologies and systems in the workplace to support key decision makers, customers and stakeholders. * Supervises junior staff when conducting audits and inventories using automated supply systems FACTS, M-DAT, and manual processes. * Adeptly adjusts measurements of processes and systems. * Oversees junior staff activities concerning the procurement of material and meeting customer requirements. * Identifies and works to eliminate conditions that impede within-team and across-team collaboration and knowledge sharing. * Occasionally may be required to operate Government or Wolf Creek owned motor vehicles

Accountable For: * Manages and applies in-depth knowledge of the Agency’s mission requirements, strategic plans, procedures, and resources. * Allocates and delegates available resources to peers to accomplish project deliverables in a timely and effective manner * Works as a team member and leader, taking responsibility for sharing Agency knowledge, information and responsibilities with coworkers, subordinates, and superiors. * Takes a lead role to build collaborative working relationships across department by encouraging colleagues to engage team members and others on specific or general issues. * Ensure all Property activities are performed as outlined by Wolf Creek Standard Operating Procedures or customer requirements. * Keeps the Property Manager informed of unique issues/situations that occur and subordinate employee performance or behavior issues that may warrant disciplinary actions. * Preparing employee evaluation and/or recommendations. * Anticipates problems and obstacles associated with moderately complex projects and proactively develop creative solutions to address them prior to implementation. * Actively listens, without interruption or emotion, and respects diverse viewpoints while interacting with others about sensitive topics or challenging issues within teams. * Assists in the developing new policy considering previous policy and future challenges and behavior. * Express confidence, but not arrogance. * Partners with the client to develop action plans. * Supervises staff when conducting audits and inventories using automated supply system FACTS, M-DAT, and manual processes. * Adhering to established Wolf Creek safety, personnel policies and standard operating procedures. * Reviews audit data to identify trends and areas for improvement in terms of inefficiencies and/or inaccuracies in property/supply operations bases. * Assist in developing performance metrics, forecast, and property plans to ensure efficiency and availability of resources. * Evaluates /improves upon existing logistics processes and policies to ensure efficient and effective forward and reverse flow of goods, property, services, and information within and across the agency. * Perform other duties as assigned.

Mandatory* * High school graduate or equivalent GED. * Five (5) years of experience in Property Management; Three (3) of which must be associated with the Federal Government or DOD. * Two (3) years of successful leadership or management role. * Familiarity with basic mathematical functions is required. * Must have computer skills at the intermediate level in the following programs (Microsoft Office and Microsoft Word, Asset Management System) * Experience preparing various reports to management, maintaining property inventory records and filling customer requests. * Demonstrated ability to identify issues, analyze organizational needs and recommendation solutions and/or process improvements. * Demonstrated ability to interact with a variety of people in a professional, courteous manner in diversified situations. * Performs assigned work tasks with minimal supervision. * Demonstrated ability to communicate, problem solve and make decisions effectively under pressure, yet maintain a professional courteous demeanor. * Ability to pass a pre-hire background and drug screen. * U.S. Citizen * Must possess a Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI w/full scope) level * Valid state driver’s license. * Must have or be actively in the process of obtaining a CDL (B) * Ability to lift 50 pounds.

Preferred* * Certified as a CPPA with experience in a Property Management environment. * Five (5) years of experience in leadership or management role. * Understanding of Government contracts, correspondence, reports and records.

Title: Property Supervisor

Location: Maryland-FORT MEADE

Requisition ID: MD0101024