Diversicare Dietary Cook in Foley, Alabama

This job was posted by https://joblink.alabama.gov : For more information, please see: https://joblink.alabama.gov/ada/r/jobs/2388184 *ACCOUNTABILITY OBJECTIVE* Cook is responsible for each resident receiving a nutritious and appetizing meal as ordered by the physician. Food must be handled with care to make sure it does not carry harmful bacteria. Food must be prepared according to recipes, be served in the proper amounts and at proper temperatures. Cook is responsible for efficient food production and quality control, under supervision of the Food Service Director. *BACKGROUND QUALIFICATIONS* *1.* Must have knowledge of quantity and quality cooking. *2.* Must be knowledgeable of portion control and quality assurance. *3.* Must have knowledge of modified diets. *4.* Must have knowledge regarding ordering and/or purchasing of food items. *5.* Must be familiar with Board of Health regulations. *6.* Must be able to communicate with fellow employees and with Food Service Director and other departments. *7.* Able to read, write and understand instruction. *KEY RESPONSIBILITIES* *1.* Prepares meals and serves, using portion control directives. *2.* Make sure all foods are pulled and thawed in proper time and stored properly. *3.* Check menus and make sure any pre-preparation in completed. *4.* Check daily menus and review daily production sheet with Food Service Supervisor. *5.* Safely operate equipment, making sure it is properly cleaned and sanitized after each use. Report equipment problems as per facility policy. *6.* Take temperatures of foods for each meal and document. *7.* Check daily temperatures of cooler/freezer and document *8.* Record meal substitutions, if applicable. *9.* Maintain cleaning schedule to verify proper cleaning is completed on a daily basis and document. *10.* Label and date foods and rotate properly. *11.* Maintain effective communication with residents, families and facility staff. *OTHER JOB DEMANDS* *1.* All foods are properly garnished for each meal. *2.* Check foods in for accuracy and proper storage. *3.* Straighten coolers, freezer, maintain perpetual inventory. *4.* Assist with monthly inventories. *5.* Participate in departmental quality assurance program. *6.* Meet with Food Service Director on a daily basis. *7.* Other duties as assigned. *_Working Conditions_* Must be able to perform repetitive tasks - able to work flexible hours and days; may be exposed to hot and humid working areas. *_Physical Effort_* Must be able to remain standing for most of working hours; must be able to lift at least 75 maximum utilizing proper body lifting techniques. Stooping, stretching, bending, and pushing does occur when performing duties. *_Physical Environment_* Must be aware of working area - location of all equipment and safe use of it. *_Sensory Attention_* Must be able to work and communicate with all workers; must be alert to accuracy of diets and foods served to residents; must be able to follow recipes with positive outcome. *_Mental Stress_* Must be able to work In repetitive manner; must be able to handle emergencies which may occur; must be able to keep control of self and fellow employees; must be able to communicate with all disciplines, and use good interpersonal skills when handling complaints from, residents, families and staff. *STANDARD FOR DRESS, CLEANLINESS, AND CONDUCT* *1.* Hair covering to cover all hair, hair free from decorations (Supervisor does not wear hairnet unless in the food prep area.) *2.* Jewelry: Simple wedding bands permitted. No dangling earrings. *3.* Uniform/clothes cleaned daily. *4.* Shoes that give good support. Buy a proper fit so your shoes take the punishment, not your feet. Non-skid soles are required. Enclosed toe shoes required. *5.* Do not chew gum, dip snuff, chew tobacco, or smoke while in the dietary department. *6.* Clean hands and fingernails, clean and short. No artificial fingernails or fingernail polish. *7.* Wash hands with soap and hot water be fore leaving the restroom, after coughing, sneezing, smoking, combing hair, and always before handling food. *8.* Hose or socks must be worn, No sleeveless clothing. *9.* Employees are not permitted to eat in the kitchen area. The designated area is used for this purpose. Sampling is allowed. *10.* Any dietary employee found giving food to other people or employees out of other departments without getting permission from the Food Service Supervisor can expect to have his or her employment terminated immediately as food is money. *11.* Shampoo hair regularly and keep well groomed. *12.* Keep wraps, pocketbooks, street clothes and other belongings in a designated place and not in the kitchen. *13.* Never apply make-up or comb hair in the kitchen or dining room. *14.* Do not visit in a patient's room before coming on duty if they are on isolation precautions. *15.* Do not visit with other employees - unless on break. *16.* Smoke only in smoking areas on break. *17.* Nametags must be worn while on duty. *18.* No personal phone calls while on duty except for emergencies. *HEALTH REQUIREMENTS:* Chest x-ray or TB skin test annually. Random drug screening per employee handbook. *INFECTION POLICY:* 1. Infection - Nutritional Services employees are restricted from working In the Nutritional Services Department when suffering from a contagious infection or cold. This employee must have a written notice from his or her physician stating he is free from being contagious and