Allegheny Health Network CCAS-CHILD CR ASST GRP SVPR 2 in Erie, Pennsylvania



Assist in the daily functions the classroom as directed by the lead teacher/group supervisor through the principals of the primary care giving system while meeting licensing regulations and STARS standards.


  • Upholds policies, standards, and regulations to ensure consistent operations.

  • Maintains daily operations of the classroom in the absence of the lead teacher/group supervisor.

  • Maintains a primary care giving system through routine tasks of interacting, feeding, diapering/toileting and documentation.

  • Ensures per diem staff follow all policies, STARS standards, DPW regulations & individual classroom expectations in the absence of lead teacher/group supervisor.

  • Assist the Lead Teacher/Group Supervisor in the care of the children through the co-ordination and participation of age appropriate lesson plans for the children in the assigned primary group as set forth by the requirements of STARS.

  • Writes and maintains objective child observations across all developmental domains on a weekly basis for the children in the assigned primary group.

  • Maintains an up-to-date portfolio for each child in the assigned primary group by including observations, assessments, classrooms photos documenting experiences and child's art work.

  • Plans individualized activities based on child observations, PA Early Learning Standards and on-going assessments for the child in the assigned primary group.

  • Submits lesson plans to lead teacher/group supervisor by 8:00AM Friday for the upcoming week.

  • Documents adaptations for IFSP/IEPs on the plans for the children in the assigned primary group.

  • Completes and submits on-going assessments for the children in the assigned primary group according to the requirements set forth by STARS and the assessment agency.

  • Assists in providing a child friendly learning environment that promotes child development in all domains.

  • Directs learning and personal care routines while respecting and observing the child's interests and cues.

  • Participates in planned daily outside activities - weather permitting.

  • Assists in storing learning materials in labeled open bins to promote accessibility.

  • Maintains clean work areas by the elimination of clutter on counter tops, shelving, and refrigerator.

  • Assists in rotating learning materials, photos, and art work to maintain interest on a monthly basis or more frequently as needed by the group.

  • Maintains a commitment to professionalism.

  • Understands and promotes the mission and vision of Saint Vincent Child Care.

  • Completes training hours as required by STARS.

  • Maintains an up-to-date Professional Development Record as mandated by STARS.

  • Completes 2 professional development activities on an annual basis as required by STARS.

  • Follows Saint Vincent Health System policies including but not limited to: attendance, punctuality, dress code and cell phone usage.

  • Attends 6 staff meetings per calendar year.

  • Communicates effectively with children, parents, co-workers and administration.

  • Frequently interacts with children at eye level using a friendly and courteous tone.

  • Completes daily charts for infants/toddlers including an individualized positive note regarding an activity the child participated in for each child in the assigned primary group.

  • Serves as a team player to ensure effective communication and cooperation among parents, coworkers and administration.

  • Maintains discipline in a positive manner utilizing redirection more often than time-out. Time out is not permitted for children under 2 years of age.

  • Completes and shares a family summary report showing strengths and areas of improvement for each child in the assigned primary group.

  • Provides a safe and healthy learning environment.

  • Cleans and sanitizes surfaces including: tables, diapering/toileting areas, toys and shelving after meals, messy activities or signs of illness .

  • Correctly follows diaper changing procedure as mandated by Stars 75% of the time.

  • Maintains safety latches on all cupboards containing hazardous substances as well as other items that may cause injury to children.

  • Prepares and serves meals and refreshments according to Child and Adult Food Program guidelines while encouraging independence.

  • Follows hand washing protocol for self and the children; before and after meals, upon entry to a classroom, after messy projects and when in contact with bodily fluids 75% of the time.

  • Assists with cleaning duties both inside and outside the classroom including the hallway, staff bathroom and playground.

  • Follows safe sleep practices for children under the age of 1 year.

  • Completes and submits documentation of all injuries and illnesses as mandated by STARS.

  • Transitions children to and from classroom settings.

  • Transitions completed portfolio to another classroom/educational setting within one week of admission.

  • Assists in the transitions of children by arranging child visits to the new classroom on a regular basis with increasing time during the transition period.

  • Displays a mechanism to welcome the new child/family to the classroom.

  • Welcomes the new family by answering any questions the family may have.

  • Updates classroom postings with new child information regarding schedules for eating and napping as well as allergies and other medical needs.

  • Assists in the labeling of cubbies/mailboxes prior to first day of care in new classroom.

  • Completes and obtains parental signature on the objective observation tool within 45 days of program entry.

  • Assists parents at drop off and pick up times ensuring a smooth transition from home to care and care to home.



  • Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) and 2 years documented experience with children other than own.

  • Child Abuse Clearance, Criminal Background Clearance


  • Microsoft Office 2002, Microsoft Windows XP