CALUMET COUNTY Tow Operator in CHILTON, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Under supervision, watch tow lines through direct observation while tow is in operation. 1. Opens and closes observation positions. 2. Visually observes tow lines providing assistance and extra margin of safety for participants. 3. Checks for tow tickets. 4. Turns tows off and on as necessary. 5. Remains in radio contact with other tow operators and lodge. 6. Works outside during tow operation. 7. Reports any malfunctions to proper authority. 8. At end of operating period hangs up ropes and checks for safety or maintenance problems. 9. Reports any unsafe users or conditions to proper authority. 10. Helps enforce hill rules and park policies. 11. Performs light manual labor as directed. It is unlikely that an employee will perform all the duties listed on a regular basis, nor is the list exhaustive in the sense it covers all the duties an employee may be required to perform. The examples are indicative, not restrictive ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Ability to work outside during wintery conditions. 2. Ability to stop and restart tow lines after proper on-the-job training. 3. Ability to observe tow lines and report unsafe practices and conditions to proper authority. 4. Ability to enforce hill rules and park policies. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: Other: All applicants are required to apply online at Applications accepted until positions filled. Equal Opportunity Employer. CALUMET COUNTY 206 COURT ST CHILTON, WI 53014 Contact Email Address: Company Web Site: Contact Fax: (920) 849-1475