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LCS Financial Services Corporation Statistical Data Analyst in Centennial, Colorado

Perform statistical data analytics, data manipulation, data reporting anddata governance. The detailed job duties include: Gather businessrequirements from end-users, create statistical models, and designdataflow from source to reporting. Use statistical tool to perform datamanipulation, statistical research, data analysis (descriptive andpredictive), machine learning (supervised & unsupervised), datamodeling and data visualization. Apply statistical techniques to analyzepotential portfolio acquisitions and establish purchasing pricing parameters.Build data pipeline by connecting Microsoft SQL Server, Tableau, APIs andR, to automatically schedule weekly and monthly report. Lead the datamigration process across multiple systems while solving complex and varieddata preparation issues which include the consistency of formats and handlingmissing data. Build queries involving complex joins, sub queries,aggregate functions, and advanced SQL for a variety of businessrequirements. Re-design legacy reports and automate the reports by using R,Tableau or any other tools. Coordinate with directors across all departmentsto develop targeted data reporting resulting in improved KPI's from internaland external business groups. Integrate API's and FTPs within R scripts tofacilitate the smooth, consistent transfer of data to vendors, andmaintain data security and compliance.This position requires a MS in Statistics, Business/Data Analytics, DataScience, or other quantitative science related field; Minimum two years ofwork experience in data analysis; Applied knowledge of statisticalfundamentals such as linear regression, logistical regression, CART,time series forecasting, gradient boosted, random forest and any otherpredictive algorithms; Solid quantitative and analytical skills in workingwith complex data sets, conducting multiple regression analysis andleveraging other statistical tools; Experience utilizing R, SQL,Tableau, Excel.Please email your resume with a cover letter to LCS Financial ServicesCorporation:; Job location: Centennial, CO