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Adams County Sexual Health Care Provider - Nurse Practitioner/Certified N in Brighton, Colorado

Salary$86,045.00 - $120,464.00 AnnuallyLocationLocation will vary throughout Adams County, COJob TypeRegular Full-TimeDepartmentPublic Health DepartmentJob Number05337DivisionPublic Health NursingWhat Success Looks Like In This JobPromote, protect, and improve the lifelong health of individuals andcommunities in Adams County through the effective use of data,evidence-based prevention strategies, leadership, advocacy,partnerships, and the pursuit of health equity. Provide optimal healthacross the lifespan for the populations we serve. Examples of Duties for SuccessDirect Patient CareProvides and ensures quality health maintenance and therapeutic care forpatients of all genders and ages who are seeking sexual health care servicesin Adams County Health Department clinics.Practices in accordance with established protocols. Consults with thephysician as needed.Uses plain language and interpersonal skills to effectively interacts withpatients and clients from a diverse population. Uses empathy and listeningskills to provide counseling and educational instruction in the promotion ofhealth, use of medication or medical interventions, and for the preventionof disease.Conducts physical examinations on patients, including examination of thebreasts, abdomen, pelvic, rectal area, and related testing (PrimaryHPV screening, cervical cytology, STI testing, wet preps, POCtesting). Effectively employs working knowledge of anatomy and physiology toexplain the physical exam to the patient.Uses current working knowledge to conduct common screening, diagnostictests, and clinical skills in a diagnosis and treatment methods of commongynecologic problems including sexually transmitted infections.Teaches and counsels individuals, families, groups, and other healthproviders about health, family planning, sexually transmittedinfections, wellness, and illness. Promotes health maintenance and diseaseprevConsults with the program consulting physician about high-risk patients andpatients with abnormal tests/examination results. Proficiently reviewsmedical histories and updates charts, recording all aspects of examines andpatient visits.Determines and prescribes appropriate contraceptive methods based on patientmedical history, examination results, and patient's personal preferences.Determines and prescribes appropriate treatments for Sexual TransmittedInfections, including presumptive treatment and Expedited Partner Treatments.Complete appropriate referrals and follow-up based on Colorado Title Xrequirements and program protocols.Performs related services in specialty areas including IUD insertion andremoval and Nexplanon insertion and removal.Opportunity to perform colposcopy or LEEP procedures and instrumented IUDremovals depending on education, skill level and certification, asappropriate.Clinic OperationsProvides hands-on instruction to students, interns, and new employees.Exercises independent judgement and demonstrates the ability to seeksupervision and consultation.Develops and maintains effective working relationships with other Adams Countyemployees, representatives of other agencies and organizations, andmembers of the community.Travel may be required to any Sexual Health Program clinics as need forefficient clinic operations. Travel may be determined on the day of work,based on program and clinic needs.Perform other duties as assigned.Emergency Preparedness DutiesCompletes trainings identified as appropriate for this level employee.Employee participates in all exercises and drills on emergency preparednessand response, as required. Employee responds, as required, to supportemergencies, incidents and events with a public health and medical impact.HIPAA Statement:Maintain sensitive & confidential client information according to the HIPAApolicy confidentiality requirements. Qualifications for SuccessKnowledgeHave working knowledge of the principles of health equity and how it isapplied, including an understanding of oppression, privilege, and soci