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Herbicide Applicator - $20.00 per hour - Two (2) Positions Available. Employment Period: 2024 summer season (3 to 6 months). Work Schedule: Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. - 2:00 pm. Summary: The City of Billings Parks Department is seeking a Herbicide Applicator. This is a three to six month seasonal position. Minimum Qualifications: - Must meet minimum age requirements. - Must have a valid driver's license and good driving record. - A good working knowledge of weed control methods, and fertilizers is important. - Job experience with farming, landscape maintenance, weed management, fertilizer applications, etc. will be given preference. - Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug test. - Able to work with shovel, rake, weed chopping tools, pruning tools, etc. as a regular part of job routine. - Capable of considerable walking in work areas during performance of duties. - Able to perform repetitive motions for periods of 1/2 hour or longer, using various tools and implements for yard work and gardening. - Able to climb relatively steep inclines and/or ladders. - Able to do frequent bending at the knees and the waist. - Able to do frequent twisting or turning of the upper body. - Able to use power weed trimmers and push mowers. - Able to do gripping and grasping of tools for periods of 1/2 hour or longer. - Able to occasionally lift and carry items weighing up to 50 pounds. - Able to frequently push and pull objects weighing up to 150 pounds. (some picnic tables). - Able to work in adverse weather conditions including; rain, wind, heat, and cold. - Able to work in an environment with extended exposure to the sun. - Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision. - Must understand your role in safety. Duties and Responsibilities: - Maintain a safety attitude. Watching out for yourself, co-workers, and the public. - Must wear Personal Protection Equipment when and where required. - Report to assigned parks as scheduled. - Become familiar with City, Department, and Division policies with regard to hours of work, reporting illness or absences, etc. - File daily work sheet and time card. - Replace tools and supplies to where they belong, ready for the next person to use. - Tell supervisor when supplies are getting low, or when a tool needs repairs. - Assist in identifying weeds in the parks. - Determine correct control measures that need to be used to control the weeds. - Work closely with supervisor to formulate control measures. - Calibrate all equipment used in the applications. - Accurately apply control methods. - Record all chemicals applied in the parks. - Monitor to ensure control methods are working. - Apply correct amount of fertilizer to the parks. - Calibrate all fertilizing equipment before use. - Ensure that all fertilizer is applied in a safe and accurate manner. Equal opportunity employer.