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Commander, Navy Installations MWR DIRECTOR in Bahrain, Bahrain

Summary This position is located in the Fleet & Family Readiness (FFR) Department, U.S. Naval Support Activity Bahrain, and is a full time position. The purpose of the position is to provide for the supervision, management, control and execution of a comprehensive and diverse Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) program for Navy Personnel, their family members, retirees and other eligible patrons in the immediate area. Responsibilities PROGRAM MANAGEMENT Develops and implements plans and procedures for the operation of the MWR programs and CYP. Provides varied recreational, and food and beverage activities targeted at a wide ranging demographic. Oversees the largest foods and beverage department within Navy MWR comprised of 22 food outlets averaging over $9M in sales annually. Plans and coordinates yearly and monthly programs, seasonal activities, sports & leisure tournaments, cultural/social activities, and other related MWR events and programs. Determines budgetary requirements for program operation. Establishes and evaluates reports to determine usage of facilities, adherence to Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) standards and metrics. Evaluates the effectiveness of the overall programs and makes recommendations or initiates action on an on-going basis. Through the Fleet & Family Readiness (FFR) Director, establishes and approves hours of operation for each facility/program. Assures that managers of these facilities/programs carry out accepted business practices and methods, and that effective controls have been established to account for resale items, expendable supplies, and that prescribed cash accounting procedures are followed. Determines supplies and equipment requirements and ensures timely procurement, issue, and maintenance. Advises the FFR Director on the status of programs and on major professional and administrative problems encountered. Serves as the principle advisor to the Commanding Officer on MWR staff on all matters pertaining to plans, programs and the mission of the programs Makes recommendations regarding means of achieving Command program objectives and presents justifications for proposed revisions to policy directives. RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Performs financial management functions for MWR to include cash flow, budgeting, internal controls, reporting, analysis and evaluation. Reviews all financial reports to determine overall operating trends and evaluates such trends in terms of possible changes and shifts in program emphasis. Develops, justifies and presents the MWR budget for approval to the FFR Director. Develops financial, operational, and program goals for the department. Prepares required management reports and reviews all financial reports pertaining to the department, prior to release of those reports to higher headquarters. Adheres to purchasing requirements and procurement policies to ensure MWR purchasing and contracting meet DON regulatory criteria. Inspects final arrangements to ensure all contractual arrangements are met, and monitors events in progress to ensure courtesy, efficiency and correctness. FACILITY MANAGEMENT Ensures facilities are well maintained and safe to meet the needs of the various clienteles and are cost effective to operate. Conducts or directs subordinates in performing studies to determine the adequacy of present equipment and facilities. Develops standards, specifications and criteria for new construction and renovation projects. Reviews and approves work orders and trouble calls for accomplishment. Continually analyzes the plant and facilities to establish renovation requirements, rate of replacement, as well as forecast needs for major construction changes involving justification or large expenditures. Ensures the Command's Occupational, Safety, Health (OSH) and Environmental Programs are in compliance with current regulations, directives, policies and procedures. Reports all hazards timely and accurately. Supervisory duties comprise 25% of incumbent's time and include but are not limited to: Through three NF-04 subordinate managers, supervises over 300 US, local national and third country national employees and provides oversight of more than 40 facilities. Develops training plans to broaden employee skills and recommends formal training as needed. Approves and disapproves leave, resolves grievances, takes or recommends disciplinary action and supports and implements provisions of the EEO program. Ensures all personnel actions {i.e., selections for hiring, promotion, awards, reassignments, training, etc.) are free from discrimination or any other non-merit factor. Plans work to be accomplished by subordinates; sets immediate priorities and deadlines; prepares schedule for completion of work; assigns work to subordinates based on daily, weekly and long-range planning. Evaluates and provides feedback to the staff. Advises, counsels and instructs the staff on all facets of operations, to include changes and new procedures. Interviews candidates for new or vacant staff positions, recommends appointment, promotion or reassignment to these positions. Effects minor disciplinary measures, such as warnings and reprimands and makes recommendations on those matters of a more serious nature. Requirements Conditions of Employment Qualifications KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED BY THE POSITION Ability to effectively lead, mentor, motivate and coach subordinate managers. Comprehensive knowledge of MWR policies, requirements, administrative practices and procedures related to the planning, scheduling and coordination and the efficient operation and utilization of facilities and equipment. Thorough knowledge of Navy non-appropriated fund (NAF) and appropriated fund (APF) budget and accounting processes, general business principles for financial planning/reporting and methods of process and program review to ensure appropriate and optimum use of resources. Knowledge of audit procedures; financial planning and management; inventory controls and accountability; and how inventory and cost controls are developed, implemented, and analyzed for effectiveness. Knowledge of accounting procedures sufficient to follow individual funds from initiation through expenditure stages in order to trace discrepancies in the system. Knowledge and understanding of the regulations and guides in order to interpret and apply them effectively to a variety of accounting situations. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. Education Additional Information Salary is dependent on experience and/or education. Some positions have special requirements. Selection may be tentative pending the completion of these requirements. Applicants may be required to submit proof of education, participate in medical screening, drug testing, etc. All selections are contingent upon satisfactory employment reference checks. Employment is subject to successful National Agency Background Check. Occupants of this position must maintain the privacy of official work information and data and demonstrate the highest level of ethical conduct. Special Requirements: This is an 18-month (unaccompanied) or 24-month (accompanied) tour located in Manama, Bahrain. The Kingdom of Bahrain is comprised of a number of Islands totaling 253 square miles and occupies a central location in the Arabian Gulf. To learn more about the Kingdom of Bahrain please go to Special Benefits: Applicants recruited from the United States may be entitled to a tax-free Post Allowance (PA), Post (Hardship) Differential (PD), and Living Quarters Allowance (LQA). In addition, selectees are authorized use of the Navy Exchange, Defense Commissary and MWR programs. Additional information will be provided upon selection. Information on allowances can also be obtained via internet at then click on foreign per diem rates. Applicants recruited from the United States are entitled to a tax-free Post Allowance (PA) and Living Quarters Allowance (LQA). In addition, incumbents are authorized use of the Navy Exchange, Defense Commissary and MWR programs. Additional information will be provided upon selection. The Department of Navy (DON) is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, genetic information or any other non-merit factor. The DON provides reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities. Applicants with disabilities who believe they require reasonable accommodation should call 011-39-081-568-5612 or e-mail their request to to ensure proper consideration. The decision to grant an accommodation will be made on a case-by-case basis. To ensure compliance with an applicable preliminary nationwide injunction, which may be supplemented, modified, or vacated, depending on the course of ongoing litigation, the Federal Government will take no action to implement or enforce the COVID-19 vaccination requirement pursuant to Executive Order 14043 on Requiring Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination for Federal Employees. Therefore, to the extent a Federal job announcement includes the requirement that applicants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 pursuant to Executive Order 14043, that requirement does not currently apply. Federal agencies may request information regarding the vaccination status of selected applicants for the purposes of implementing other workplace safety protocols, such as protocols related to masking, physical distancing, testing, travel, and quarantine.