JOB REQUIREMENTS: Promote a safe and healthful working environment by monitoring and implementing safe work practices and ensuring compliance with all environmental regulations, work to reduce/mitigate industrial injuries/illnesses, property damage, management system requirements, workers compensation, liability losses and environmental non-compliance. Monitor and institute compliance programs to conform to regulatory requirements. Principal Duties and Responsibilities: Essential Functions: 1. Work with all levels within the organization to develop, monitor and promote safety and accident prevention policies/programs to reduce all accidental occurrences and associated costs. Devise methods to evaluate safety program, coordinate comprehensive injury analysis and facilitate development of safety improvement plans. Ensure all accidents are investigated to determine necessary corrective action and prevention plan. 2. Involved in the design and development of facilities, work areas, and work procedures and makes environmental, health, and safety recommendations accordingly. 3. Ensure facility safety reports/statistics are prepared and distributed for effective measurement of instituted programs. 4. Responsible for preparing, maintaining, and updating environmental and policy procedure manuals. 5. Ensure hazardous waste material operation complies with appropriate standards in regards to labeling, handling and disposal. Monitor/update material safety data sheets (MSDS) and training. 6. Ensure compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations to identify and minimize the sources of actual or potential injury, illness or other loss to employees of the company.. 7. Coordinate Operational Audits in conjunction with ISO14001/OHSAS 18001 internal and external entities and provide reports on all findings to include corrective action required. 8. Coordinate and liaison with Aviation Safety Management representative to ensure compliance with FAA, EASA, ICAO, and other foreign aviation authorities in regards to regulatory safety management system. 9. Maintain liaison with other outside organizations such as fire departments, government agencies and emergency response units and internal response plans to ensure information exchange and mutual assistance for emergency situations. 10. Monitor Safety and Environmental expenditures to ensure maximum cost efficiency. 11. Collaborate with medical clinic on activities in the areas of workers compensation, accident reporting, drug screening and OSHA recordkeeping requirements. 12. Ensure subordinates carry out assigned duties professionally following established procedures. 13. Remain current with new Safety and Environmental management techniques and industry best practices. Gulfstream, an equal opportunity employer, is committed to diversity and inclusion in its workplace. ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Five (5) years of Safety and Environmental Health experience. See Other Requirements in job description. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Online: